ICO Green Funds - INVEST EU

This programme will channel ICO funding of up to €150 million into sustainable infrastructure investments across Spain and other Member States

A very important part of the EU's 2021-2027 EU budget and the Recovery Plan for Europe is the InvestEU guarantee programme, with a strong focus on sustainable infrastructure The InvestEU Programme provides a European Union budget guarantee to Implementing Partner accredited entities to increase their risk-bearing capacity and thereby help mobilise public and private investment for EU policy priorities.

In February 2023, the ICO and the European Commission signed an agreement under the InvestEU guarantee programme for up to €75 million.  This guarantee package will help channel ICO funding of up to €150 million towards investments in sustainable infrastructure and its industrial ecosystem across Spain and other Member States. This public investment is expected to mobilise at least an additional €150 million from the private sector, so that the public-private partnership scheme could reach €300 million in investment for sustainable projects.

With this agreement, the ICO became a managing partner of InvestEU. The ICO will use this guarantee agreement to mobilise investments in infrastructure projects that enhance the green transition. To this end, within the framework of the Green Deal, the InvestEU guarantee will support ICO investments in investment funds that boost the market for energy, sustainable transport, environment and water, digital and social infrastructure projects. These investments will help the EU to achieve its broader strategic objectives of ensuring the double green and digital transition.

The ICO will channel resources through venture capital/private equity funds that invest in Sustainable Infrastructure projects and their industrial ecosystem selected in an open competitive process.


ICO Green Funds - INVEST EU

  • monedas

    Up to €150 millionin different equity funds

  • planta

    Targetsustainable infrastructures and their industrial ecosystem

  • inversion

    €50 million maximumper fund