Sustainability and Risk Capital through Axis


Sustainability criteria have been implemented in the entire ICO Group, including Axis, the ICO's Venture Capital Manager.

Sustainability criteria have been implemented throughout  ICO Group, including Axis, the ICO's Venture Capital Manager, through these three financial instruments:

Fond-ICO Global: investments in companies of all sectors that incorporate a component of innovation and digitisation have been included as evaluation criteria in this fund of funds.

ICO Infrastructure Fund II: this fund of 400 million euros, managed by Axis, will invest in Sustainable Infrastructure (transport, social infrastructure and energy and environment) in Spain and abroad.

ICO SMEs Fund: In 2019, Axis launched a new initiative for sustainability and social impact through ICO SMEs Fund for a target amount of 50 million euros. The investment is directed at private capital entities that invest in companies developing projects with a significant social and/or environmental and circular economy impact.

In April 2019, and within this initiative, AXIS participated in Creas Impacto, Spain's first institutional impact investment fund aimed at supporting social enterprises in their growth phase. 

ICO SMEs Fund investment, amounting to 5 million euros, is primarily aimed at small- and medium-sized companies that focus on health and well-being, environmental sustainability, education and social innovation, whose activity has a measurable social impact.

In February 2020, ICO SMEs Fund chose the fintech October to boost alternative financing to Spanish SMES.

AXIS will invest 15 million euros in the new fund launched by fintech October, in order to support the growth of Spanish SMEs.