Helping the growth, development and internationalization of companies and the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

AXIS promotes financing complementary to bank financing for entrepreneurs and companies, with the aim of helping companies' and the entrepreneurial ecosystem's growth, development and internationalisation, particularly for technology-based companies.

Its great added value lies in the fact that it promotes the creation of funds that support both start-ups and innovative companies, as well as achieving the internationalisation and growth of more consolidated companies.

The objectives of Fond-ICO Global (endowed with 4,500 million euros):

  • Strengthen the development and consolidation of the private venture capital funds ecosystem in Spain.
  • Promote the financing of Spanish SMEs through investment in private investment funds with a presence in Spain that invest in all stages of capital investment: incubators, venture capital, expansion capital, buyout, restructuring, etc.
  • Facilitate the financing of projects that combine companies' innovation, sustainability, digitisation and entrepreneurship, from the early stages to expansion, growth and debt, thus supporting the creation and growth of technology-based companies.
  • Indirectly, it also seeks to create employment, attract foreign capital to Spain and support the internationalisation of Spanish companies.

The objectives of Fond-ICO Pyme (endowed with 250 million euros):

  • Participate in strategic activity segments (sustainability and social impact, entrepreneurial ecosystem) and different types of financing (diversified debt, business angels), providing more flexibility and reducing material and management costs.
  • To support companies' expansion and/or growth to contribute to the development of the business network, job creation and the revitalisation of the economy. The resources are directed at real investment (acquisition of assets, innovation activities, internationalisation processes, purchase of companies).
  • To mobilise the greatest possible amount of private sector resources through investments in co-investment schemes with other private venture capital funds.

The objectives of FondICO Infraestructuras II (endowed with 400 million euros):

  • Invest in the improvement and safety of infrastructures in Spain as key vectors of economic recovery and sustainable development.
  • Prioritise investments with a positive economic-social impact and that boost job creation, mobilise private investment and/or cover strategic market niches.
  • Act as a catalyst for investments in sustainable transport, renewable energy, and environmental and social infrastructure projects, both in Spain and in third markets.