Sustainability Policy


With this sustainability policy,  ICO demonstrates its commitment to Sustainability and responsible management and establishes a framework for action through which it can develop all of its activity.

sustainability policy

For  ICO Group, sustainability is a basic guiding pillar of its actions, in line with article 2 of ICO's statutes, both in its assets and liabilities operations, as well as its internal management of the organisation, and from the perspective of governance and Corporate Social Responsibility (ESG - CSR).

Therefore, it involves all areas of the organisation and its activity, acting as a foundation of management that allows it to fulfil its mission as a public and promotional bank. 

As the organisation's highest decision-making body,  ICO's General Board adopted the present Sustainability Policy at its meeting on 27 February 2020 to demonstrate its participation in publicising  ICO's commitments in this matter. With this policy, ICO conveys the coherence that exists between the management of its operations and the needs of society and the environment, and publicises its commitment to sustainability.

Download the sustainability policy (PDF)