Target companies

Consolidated Spanish companies with expansion plans, financing and long-term business vision

Since its launch in 1993, Fond-ICO Pyme has been a major player in direct investment in Spanish SMEs.

With our direct investments, we contribute to developing the business fabric, creating jobs and boosting the economy, while also mobilising resources from the private sector through co-investment with other private venture capital funds.

This public-private partnership model will pay special attention to supporting strategic projects focused on digitalisation and sustainability. 

Where do we invest?

Mainly investments in established Spanish companies, with expansion plans, financing and a long-term vision of the business.

What instruments do we provide to companies?

As a Venture Capital fund, Fond-ICO Pyme offers two possible financing options that companies can choose from or even combine:

Equity stake Always as a co-investment with other venture capital/private equity funds, on a minority basis, without being a reference partner for a limited period and in line with the maturity period of the project (approximately 5 years).

Participating loans Up to 7 years with 2 years grace period and possibility of conversion into equity.

What are our resources for?

The resources we invest finance the outright expansion of the companies, in particular and among others:

  • Acquisition of assets.
  • Innovation activities.
  • Internationalisation processes and purchase of other companies.

The following are excluded:

(i) liability restructuring and refinancing

(ii) working capital requirements

(iii) replacement of shareholders.

  • What is the investment range?
  • From 0.75 to 15 million euros, with an average target investment of 5 million euros, depending on the contribution of the co-investor fund.