FOND-ICOpyme investments

At Axis, we appraise the following parameters, amongst others, when investing FOND-ICOpyme resources:

  • The sector’s significance and the company’s competitive edge.
  • The economic viability and the sustainable financial structure of both enterprise and project.
  • A management team with proven experience and a commitment to the growth plan.
  • Consistency and quality of the business plan presented.

In the case of capital expansion, the target company should have minimum sales of €20m with EBITDA of €4m, together with a competitive edge in its segment.

In the case of start-ups, the target company should have a clear innovative project, technically validated by specialists, with sales and positive EBITDA or large growth potential.

As for investments in other funds, we attach particular importance to the following aspects: That the funds are complementary to our own investment activity; managers previous experience, with positive results; institutional support; funds with no investments in the portfolio.

More info at: Fondo FON-ICOpyme