A leading company in high value-added chemical reactive agents

  • FOND-ICOpyme took up a minority holding in the year 2000 with an investment of €1m.
  • When FOND-ICOpyme made its investment, the company’s sales amounted to €16m, with EBITDA of 1.8m.
  • Join the company in its productive expansion process.
As a result of this injection of capital, the company:
  • modernized its productive premises and continued with its product growth.

The company now has sales of €40m, with EBITDA of €9m. (*)

The reasons for AXIS’ choice:
  • The chance to contribute resources to finance growth without having to resort to a bank loan.
  • Sharing the same vision of the company’s future as the existing shareholders.

(*) Latest information available at the time of analysis of each case.