Grupo Guascor

A leading company in machinery for the energy sector.

  • FOND-ICOpyme took up a minority holding in 2006 with an investment of €15m.
  • When FOND-ICOpyme made its investment, the company’s sales amounted to €170m, with EBITDA of €24m.
  • Join the company in its innovative aerogenerator project.
As a result of FOND-ICOpyme´s contribution, the company has:
  • financed its internationalisation process in Spanish-speaking countries and
  • expanded the development of electricity by means of generators in Brazil’s rural areas.

Guascor now has sales of €252m and EBITDA of €42m (*).

The reasons for AXIS’ choice:
  • In sync with the company’s partners, sharing their vision of the growth plan.
  • Strengthening the shareholding structure so as to speed up the company’s internationalisation process.

(*) Latest public information available at the time of analysis of each case.