The FOND-ICOpyme Corporate Portfolio: Characteristics

  • As a general-purpose fund, the FESpyme Portfolio is highly diversified, although it has broader experience in the following fields:
    • Food (Isabel, Esteban Espuña, Angulas Aguinaga, Vegamayor).
    • Industry/Energy (Infun, Guascor, Indal, Panreac).
    • Transport/Logistics (Gespalets).
    • IT/Telecommunications (Alvento, ONO).
    • Health (Zeltia); Waste Management (Recyclair).
Enterprise Year % Activity Links
2014 Mix Industrial insulation
2012 Mix Outsourcing of services and processes
2012 Participating loan Engineering solutions
2011 Participating loan Engineering solutions to steel industry
2011 Participating loan Communications and information technology
2011 n.d. Passenger air transport
2011 Mix Medical transport services
   2011  3.7  Molecular diagnosis and immunity-testing systems for clinical applications
   2011  8  Molecular vision medical equipment for use in cancer surgery, research and diagnosis
2010 Participating loan Operation of three to four-star medium-sized hotels.
2010 Participating loan Recovery, recycling and commercialisation of materials from written-off vehicles. n.a.
2010 16.8 Production of proteins of industrial and therapeutical interest in plants.
2009 Participating loan Development, production and commercialization of digital video  solutions for vigilance and observation.
2009 Participating loan Development of functional ingredients for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical Industries.
2009 20 Textile manufacturer.
2006 25 Special fabrics with chemical technology.
2010 n.d. 2.5 Investigación y desarrollo de medicamentos para enfermedades del sistema nervioso central