Solutions, purpose and level of investment

Investment solutions

As a venture capital fund, FOND-ICOpyme offers two possible financing formulas for enterprises to choose from or even combine:

  • Holding in capital.Always minority, without being a benchmark partner for a limited period in accordance with the project’s maturity (approximately five years). Preferably on a co-investment basis with other partners.
  • Participating loan. Up to seven years with a two-year grace period and the possibility of conversion into capital.

Purpose of the investment.

The resources we invest finance enterprises’ pure expansion processes; specifically and amongst others:

  • The acquisition of assets.
  • Innovation activities.
  • Internationalisation and the purchase of other companies.

Not eligible: (i) liability restructuring processes and refinancing processes; (ii) working capital requirements; (iii) substitution of shareholders.

Level of investment.

With an average target investment of €5m, the minimum and maximum amounts we invest are as follows:

  • In consolidated, expanding companies: from €1.5m to €15m.
  • Innovating start-ups: from €0.75m to €1.5m.