Choice of investments

When investing FOND-ICOpyme resources, AXIS appraises the following parameters, amongst others:

  • Interest of the sector and the enterprise’s competitive edge.
  • Economic viability and sustainable financial structure of the enterprise and its project.
  • A management team of proven experience, committed to the growth plan.
  • Consistency and quality of the business plan presented.


In expansion capital

Target company with minimum sales of €20m and EBITDA of €4m, plus a competitive edge in its sector.


In start-ups

Target company with a clearly innovative project, technically validated by specialists. Sales and positive EBITDA or great growth potential.


In investments in other funds

The following aspects are particularly valued:

  • That the funds are complementary to our own investment activity; i.e., that they are focused on
    investments in start-ups and/or technology investments.
  • Managers’ previous experience in investments, with positive results.
  • Institutional backing, both public and private.
  • Funds at the constitution stage (with no investments in the portfolio).