At a glance

Maturity 2022
Allocation 250 M€
Segment Expansion capital: 70% of the portfolio; starts-up: 30% (20% through other funds)
Investment solutions Investment in capital. Participating loan (convertible or otherwise)A combination of both
Investment level Expansion capital: From €1.5m to €15m. Start-ups: From €0.75m to €1.5m.
Term Investment in capital: an average period of five years (flexible). Participating loans: up to seven years (two-year grace period).
Purpose of investment Financing of enterprises’ expansion processes, including: the acquisition of other companies and assets and also innovation activities and the internationalisation of the Spanish enterprise.
Always minority investor, without being the largest minority shareholder.
Mainly co-investment with other funds and always in early stages.
Not eligible Refinancing or liabilities restructuring processes and working capital requirements.
Sectors General-purpose