In the course of its 25 years’ existence, AXIS has invested in the growth of over 130 enterprises in all sectors and geographical areas for a total amount in excess of €250m.

  • AXIS came into being in 1986 as an official banking initiative seeking to promote venture capital in Spain. It is registered as a fund manager under Number 1 at the CNMV (the Spanish Securities and Exchange Commission).
  • It started its activity by managing a fund provisioned under the Economic and Social Agreement, the purpose of which was to boost the corporate network and job creation.
  • After the privatization of State-owned banks, AXIS became part of Instituto de Crédito Oficial (ICO), which has been the sole shareholder since 1993.
In December 2009, the size of FOND-ICOpyme´s fund increases and in addition a new infrastructure fund, FOND-ICOinfraestructuras, has been set up.
In November 2012, FOND-ICOpyme together with the EIF and the NEOTEC initiative launched  the “Isabel La Católica Fund – European Angels Fund” to support investment by Business Angels. It is endowed with an initial amount of 30 M € and is managed by the EIF.
In March 2013, FOND-ICO Global has been launched as the first public “Fund of Funds“ created in Spain,with up to 1.200 M € under Axis management. The aim is to promote the creation of venture capital funds managed by private managers covering the investment in Spanish companies within all their development stages.