Since its creation in 1986, AXIS has invested in the growth of more than 190 enterprises and funds in all sectors and geographical areas for a total amount in excess of 1.300 M€.

  • AXIS came into being in 1986 as an official banking initiative seeking to promote venture capital in Spain. It is registered as a fund manager under Number 1 at the CNMV (the Spanish Securities and Exchange Commission).
  • It started its activity by managing a fund provisioned under the Economic and Social Agreement, the purpose of which was to boost the corporate network and job creation.
  • After the privatization of State-owned banks, AXIS became part of Instituto de Crédito Oficial (ICO), which has been the main shareholder since 1993 an the wholy owner since 2002.
In December 2009, the size of FOND-ICOpyme´s fund increases and in addition a new infrastructure fund, FOND-ICOinfraestructuras, has been set up.
In November 2012, FOND-ICOpyme together with the EIF and the NEOTEC initiative launched  the “Isabel La Católica Fund – European Angels Fund” to support investment by Business Angels. It is endowed with an initial amount of 30 M € and is managed by the EIF.
In March 2013, FOND-ICO Global has been launched as the first public “Fund of Funds“ created in Spain,with up to 1.200 M € under Axis management. The aim is to promote the creation of venture capital funds managed by private managers covering the investment in Spanish companies within all their development stages. In November 2015, FOND-ICO Global increased its size up to 1.500 M€